Betting strategies in the bookmaker

A lot of different game strategies have appeared for playing in the bookmaker’s office, but only a few of them can rightly be considered profitable. In this article we will try to classify them, analyze each game strategy in the bookmaker’s office and determine the most suitable situation for its application.

Most strategies in the betting shops were first invented for playing in the casino, but over time they were adapted to the betting system in the betting shops. At the moment, online betting is a great option for making money, but it is very important to begin to know the strategies with which it is worth approaching the game.

ValueBet Strategy

This strategy is not able to give you any guidance for the long term. With its help, you will not know about the possible income in the future. But thanks to her, you can assess your chances in any particular game, and even understand whether you should make a specific bet.

How does this strategy work?

Suppose we have a game Federer – Nadal. The odds for the bookmaker to win Federer is 1.6. Now you independently analyze this game. You can take into account such factors as the experience of personal meetings of these players, their condition, tennis coverage and much more. As a result of the analysis, in your opinion, Federer has a 80 percent chance of winning and Nadal having 20 percent. Now you can determine whether you should bet with your odds and bookmaker.

Now you can check the truth of the calculations. If the probability of victory was calculated correctly, then with 100 identical bets of 1 dollar, you will have to win 80 times, in the end you will get $ 80 * 1.6 = $ 128 for the 100 you spent, i.e., playing for quite some time and for sure Having calculated the probability of winning at the bookmaker, you will always be in the black.

Kelly’s strategy

This strategy is used to find out what size a bet to put on a particular sporting event. Kelly’s strategy is interconnected with ValueBet and, in fact, is a continuation of it.

Before you start using this strategy, you need to decide on the size of your bankroll. Bankroll – this is your money in the “Game account” in the bookmaker. It is advisable that the bankroll be of such a size that it is not a pity to lose it, and it does not cause serious damage to your budget. Only by strictly observing this rule can you become a truly successful player. Also, if you follow the rules of bankroll, it will be easier for you to control your money, you will not lose more than you have allocated for the game. After you have determined the size of the bankroll and the event on which you will make your first bet, you can begin to calculate the size of the bet on this event using the formula.

Fixed rate and fixed profit

Below are two of the easiest-to-understand betting strategies. They require the player to be able to accurately predict the outcome of sporting events. There is no progression in these strategies, and for this reason, you will need to predict most of the equally possible outcomes.

The basis of the fixed income strategy is that, regardless of the size of the bet, you get the same amount of profit, that is, the lower the coefficient for a certain bet, the greater the amount of money you put on it. A fixed bet is the simplest game strategy in bookmakers. Its essence is the choice of a certain coefficient and the amount that you are ready to bet on the event.

Bank interest

The percentage of the bank. This is one of the simplest strategies for playing in betting shops. Using it, you definitely won’t have a sharp fall or complete bankruptcy, but to win a bookmaker with this strategy is only possible with an advantage in your own forecasts. With this strategy, you make your bets as a percentage of your bankroll.