How to find a soul mate on a dating site

Nowadays, there are much more opportunities to get acquainted with a man for marriage thanks to the Internet, in particular dating sites. And even despite the poor reputation of such sites, there are people who were lucky enough to find their other half via the Internet.

What to look for when viewing profiles on a dating site?

  • The first thing you need to pay attention to when searching for single black people dating is how many photos a man posted on the site. If he does not have 2-3, but 34-50 photos, this person loves himself much more than everyone else. If you want a man to admire you at least as much as himself, and better – more than himself, do not stop at this option.
  • The second thing you need to pay attention to is how many people have views per month. If this is a normal working person, he usually has no more than a hundred views. This means that he has about two or three contacts with whom he maintains communication. That is, he does not “live” on the site. If a person has 2-3 thousand views, then he spends a lot of time on the site. He comes to the site to communicate, to make a rating for himself. He does not build relationships there, but raises self-esteem.
  • The third. If the person you met offers correspondence, but then you correspond for a day, two, a month, and he still does not call you on a date, but does not refuse at the same time, this is a virtual interlocutor. He does not live a real life. If you make the choice to spend your time on him – this is your responsibility. If not, then look for a real man who is interesting to you and wants to meet you.

How important is it that a person writes about himself in a profile?

How the questionnaire is filled out depends, rather, on the person’s internal state. There are more closed people, there are those who prefer to say more about themselves. But be that as it may, a real meeting will show more. A man can write a lot of details about himself in the questionnaire, but on a date everything will be completely different.

Before meeting, what is important to learn from a person in correspondence?

First, the person should be the first to express a desire to get to know each other. We are already choosing from those who chose us. Such an acquaintance will be more effective, because, as you know, a woman’s appearance is much more important for the man than a man’s appearance for a woman. For women, men’s actions are important. If you choose the man who chose you, it’s safer for him to give his phone number. Then you can discard SMS or call yourself.

If you give him your number and wait the old fashioned way when he calls, then if this did not happen, you do not know why. And he can confuse the number, forget, lose in the number of his contacts, or maybe just married. You yourself have already drawn the ultimate goal of how you will get married and what you will call the children, but he simply lost your phone number or was not at all interested in meeting you. If the man himself gives his number, it means that he is interested in a meeting. And it is your responsibility to call him, write SMS or not.

Who should choose a place for a date?

If you are looking for Meetville online dating or a dating site in another city, it will be important to understand exactly how to choose a place for a date. A man can offer where to meet, but still the last decision for the woman. It is possible that a man picks up a woman in a car, but this is a risk. It is better to meet in the daytime on neutral territory, it is advisable to choose a bright, pleasant place. And financially you should rely only on yourself. If he pays for your cup of coffee, it will be nice. By his deed, it will be seen that he is interested in contact. But if he did not like you, he should not pay for you.