How to Do Under Eye Makeup – How to Do a Cat Eye Makeup Look

If you’re wondering how to do under eye makeup, you’re in luck. This expert makeup tip is from celebrity makeup artist Romy Soleimani. 

She uses these eye makeup products: a small synthetic bristle brush and the pads of her fingertips to blend concealer, eye shadow, and highlighter. Her top tip is to stay away from the bottom lashes and the inside corner of the eyes because these areas are prone to dark circles and puffiness.

If you’d like a softer look, use an eyeliner brush dipped in a black shadow (like L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Noir Cest Noir). This look makes imperfections less visible and is the best option for daytime. This trick can be repeated several times. It takes a few practice runs, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be ready to rock a cat-eye in no time.

Next, use an eyeliner pencil to create a cat-eye flick. Then, line your waterline with a black liquid eyeliner. Once you’ve mastered this technique, you’re ready to move onto the next step, blending. For best results, practice on a small area of your face. Then, apply a thin layer of concealer and repeat the process. Once you have the perfect cat-eye, you’ll look like a movie star.

After applying concealer, use an eyeshadow. You can use a black liner and create a cat-eye flick using an angled eyeliner brush. For best results, you’ll want to line your lower lash line with a dark brown shadow. Using a color corrector after applying concealer will help your look better and cover any imperfections. The final step is blending. You’ll have the perfect cat-eye look!

Once you’ve done the cat-eye, you can begin applying concealer. To achieve this look, place a handheld mirror under your chin. Then, lightly line the crease of your eye with a black eyeshadow. Then, use a concealer or a make-up remover pen to fix any mistakes. If you’re using a liquid liner, apply it from the inside out.

To create a cat-eye, use an eye shadow primer by There are many smudge-proof primers available in the market, including the one from Hourglass. You can also use a liquid eyeliner. The right liquid eyeliner is the most important part of a cat-eye makeup. Then, apply the concealer. If you’re using mascara, choose the shade that matches your eyes.

After you’ve applied your concealer, you can use eyeliner to create a cat-eye look. Dip your brush into black shadow first and then apply it to the bottom lash line. Then, draw a line on your upper lashline. You can also add a cat-eye with concealer. Whether you want to enhance your eyes or hide them, you should follow the steps outlined in this article.

Once your concealer is applied, you can apply your concealer and liner. You can use your fingers instead of brushes, which are more likely to cause problems. It’s not necessary to clean your fingernails after applying under-eye makeup, but it’s the ideal way to avoid dry patches and flaws. The perfect cat-eye is the one that fits your face and gives your appearance a beautiful, healthy-looking glow.

After you’ve applied your concealer and pressed powder, you can blend the under-eye makeup using eyeliner. To do an under-eye cat-eye, dip your eyeliner brush into black shadow and make a cat-eye shape. Then, use a concealer to hide any mistakes that you may have made. You can also use black eyeliner to create a cat-eye effect.

When applying concealer, don’t overdo it! Using light-weight powder will prevent your concealer from creasing and will help you achieve a natural-looking look. A light touch is key in this area, so use a hydrating under-eye cream before applying concealer. When applying foundation, remember to apply your foundation last to avoid caking and flaws. You can even skip the foundation and powder if you want a more natural-looking look.