Stages of the lip tattooing procedure

Some beauticians prefer to apply pigment to clients while they are in a sitting position. However, it is worth remembering that the risk of making a mistake, in this case, increases many times over. During the procedure, the client should lie on the couch, and his head should be fixed motionless.

So, let’s take a closer look at how lip tattooing with shading done. First of all, the master treats the lips and the area around them with a degreasing solution. And then with an antiseptic. Next, a sketch of the shape chosen by the client takes place using a pen or the pigment itself. Then the specialist proceeds to treat the lips with a local anesthetic, preferably in a gel form. Among the frequently used products are “Supernamb”, “Anestop”, “Dipnamb”, “TKTX”, “Anshantatu”, “Lightdep”, “Veragel”, “Emla”.

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After waiting for the anesthesia to work, the master begins to process the client’s lips with pigment, moving from the contour to the middle. The needle makes a puncture 0.8–1 mm deep, making about 1000 movements per minute. During the procedure, the beautician removes blood and excess pigment several times, blotting the lips with a sterile napkin. Shading of lines carried out using a wider nozzle. An experienced specialist shows the client the results of each stage, which allows you to correct the slightest shortcomings immediately.

15–20 minutes after the procedure is over, the master treats the client’s lips with a healing ointment.

Surely you are wondering: is it painful to do lip tattoo with shading? Of course, anesthesia noticeably softens the discomfort. However, judging by the reviews, every woman experiences discomfort during the session. Some representatives feel pain, the intensity of which is primarily determined by the individual pain threshold.

Lip care after tattooing

After the procedure, the skin of the lips looks red and swollen. It is not recommended to touch the lips, brush your teeth, or wash your face during the first day. For early healing, lip blush tattoo Melbourne with shading should treat up to 10 times a day with a napkin or cotton pad moistened with an antiseptic. Once dry, apply a healing ointment to your lips.

In general, the stages of lip tattoo healing with shading can be described by day. For the first 3-4 days, give preference to warm semi-liquid food, drink through a straw. During this period, lymph with particles of pigment oozes from the damaged skin of the lips – gently blot it with a sterile cloth, without rubbing. Keep taking your antivirals.

On the 4th – 5th day, the lips will look as if they are very chapped, covered with a crust. Continue with your standard antiseptic and ointment treatment up to 5 times daily until the crust falls off. Cosmetologists categorically forbid combing or peeling it off because, under this protective layer, an intensive skin cell regeneration process occurs. The lips no longer contraindicated in contact with water at this stage, but you do not need to wet them deliberately.

One or two weeks after the session, the process of crust separation will begin. It will be uneven. The lips will look quite ugly, but you should refrain from using cosmetics at this stage. During this period, continue to do your standard post-tattoo lip care with shading 3-4 times a day.

Lip care after tattooing

After peeling off the crust, the pigment appears somewhat pale, but it regains brightness and saturation day after day. If we talk about the complete restoration of the shade and healing of the skin, then this should be expected only 3-4 weeks after the session. At this time, an antiseptic solution and ointment should be used 1-2 times a day.

Herpes after lip tattooing

If you did not adhere to preventive measures or did not help, rashes may appear on the lips after the procedure. In this case, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible and undergo treatment – this will not give herpes a chance to grow.

The therapy must be comprehensive. The skin of the lips treated with antiviral gels and ointments that have a local effect (this can be Acyclovir, Fenistil, Zovirax). For oral administration, the doctor prescribes tablets “Acyclovir”, “Valtrex”, “Famvir”. The restoration of the body’s natural forces facilitated by immunomodulators – “Viferon”, “Immunal”, “Ingavirin”.

Frequency of lip tattoo correction

A repeat visit to the beautician’s office should take place a month after the main session. The healed lip tattoo with shading should be renewed at this time, which should do even if the permanent has no external flaws. The master will refresh the colour, giving it additional durability. If the appearance of the lips has some spots, manifested as a result of the separation of the crust, then after correctly performed correction, they will disappear.

The algorithm of the repeated procedure remains the same – the master makes skin punctures and injects pigment. Therefore, the rules for preparing for the correction session will also be unchanged. Before visiting the salon, you should give up decorative cosmetics, aggressive cleansers, as well as sunbathing, alcohol and caffeine-containing drinks.

How long does a lip tattoo with shading last? As practice shows, the pigment begins to fade in approximately 2-3 years. Then it is recommended to visit a correction session, during which the master will renew the permanent makeup along the original contour, giving the shade saturation and durability.

Removal of unsuccessful lip tattoo

In case of incorrect actions of the master or non-observance of the rules of lip care by the client, the shape and shade of permanent makeup may differ from the desired one. In some cases, a woman’s skin does not perceive the pigment and removes it in a short period and unevenly.

If the errors are not critical, it is quite possible to correct them for correction. If there are obvious mistakes that have arisen through the fault of the master, then you should think about visiting a more reliable specialist. When it is impossible to correct the imperfections of tattooing, the client faced a choice: to put up with the look of her lips for several years or to decide to remove the pigment.

Usually, a laser beam used to remove permanent makeup. Thanks to the use of anesthesia, the procedure does not bring significant pain. Complete pigment removal can be achieved in several sessions (from two to eight) with an interval of 1.5-2 months.

Numerous photos of unsuccessful lip tattooing with shading posted on the Internet indicate that the negative consequences can be aesthetic or medical. Most often, the problem lies in the uneven distribution of the pigment or selecting a shade that is significantly different from the desired one.

To avoid disappointment, contact trusted clinics with highly qualified artisans. Yes, the price of lip tattooing with shading, in this case, will be higher, but you will insure yourself against risks and will be able to enjoy an excellent result for a long time!