5 Ways To Prepare & Repair Winter Hair

Snow settling in many parts of Northern England between Christmas and New Year, and cold weather mixed with central heating can damage your hair.

The 5 H’s


Invest in a thick hat to stop the elements from getting close to your tresses. Covering your head with a hat or scarf is the best way to fight the freeze.


Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, because what is dehydrated on the inside will show on the outside – including your locks and scalp. (p.s. keeping hydrated is a priority all year round!)


Avoid over-styling as the heat can dry out your hair and scalp increasing the risk of serious damage. To combat heat-damaged hair we recommend the L’Oréal Professionnel Nutrifier range that is constructed with glycerol and coconut oil to hydrate and nourish dry hair.


In winter months it is sometimes tempting to turn up the temperature whilst washing and blow drying. Avoid using very hot water as it can damage the delicate skin on your scalp and dry out hair.

Unlike what it says on point No.3, Do not avoid blow-drying in winter! Make sure you take the extra time to either blow-dry on a low heat setting or let your hair dry naturally before going outside – the cold weather can freeze your hair resulting in breakage.


Cold weather causes the ends of your hair to be dry and brittle. As hairdressers we highly recommend regular trims to reduce the amount of split ends – encouraging healthy hair growth.